Special Issue Heat Shock Protein 90 (Cover)

Scientific journals often ask for original artwork that illustrates the scientific content of one or a group of published articles. In this case, the front cover image, schematically highlights the structural similarities of the Hsp90 family with the domain structures of the bacterial Hsp90 (HtpG) and the eukaryotic isoforms, represented by the cytosolic Hsp90, the mitochondrial Trap1, and Grp94 of the endoplasmic reticulum. The ribbon structure of the ATPase domain contains the prototypical inhibitor geldanamycin. The other inhibitors hovering around it are radicicol, PU3, and SNX-2112. The word cloud in the background was generated from all chapters (except their bibliographies, author names and affiliations), the size of each word relating to the frequency with which it appears in the combined texts. Combined artwork by P.C. Echeverria; the images of the structures of ATPase domain and inhibitors were prepared by T. Wang.

Cover of the Molecular Cell Research Journal. Volume 1823, issue 3, March 2012, available here
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